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Why choose an Electric Motorbike?


Electric motorbikes, scooters and mopeds offer several reasons to buy them over traditional petrol powered alternatives. The advantages even stretch to encourage people to re-think the use of a car for commuting purposes. We believe electric is the future, and love the riding experience it offers!

Premium UK Electric Motorcycle Dealer


With one of the biggest selections of electric motorbikes, scooters and mopeds in the UK, we are a great place to start your electric vehicle journey.

With electric motorbikes growing in popularity, and continuously improving technology, electric motorbikes are proving to be the best way to join the electric revolution and reduce your carbon footprint. With running costs at average 1p per mile, £0 road tax, and greatly reduced maintenance, they provide a long term financial benefit over petrol alternatives.

Prices start from only £1,436 for our scooters, and £3,152 for our motorbikes, with finance options from as little as £40 per month.

Find Us

We're located just to the west of Swindon between Lydiard Millicent and Purton.

Unit 9 - Manor Hill Farm, Purton, Swindon, SN5 4EG


Available for next day delivery

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Horwin EK1

From £50 per month

or £2,943





50 - 60






AM or



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Artisan EVO

From £60 per month

or £3,152





45 - 50








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Approved Used TC Max

From £70 per month

or £3,700*





50 - 60








*OZEV discount already applied. Excludes £150 OTR fee


Specialist Finance

To get you on the road to an electric future, we've partnered with Santander to provide specialist finance packages that are built specifically for the electric two-wheeler market.

Whether you only want the bike, or if you want to add additional batteries, top boxes, or any protective apparel, we can provide it all within one finance package.

Making the switch to electric couldn't be easier!

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"Leading the electric urban mobility revolution"


Super Soco is leading an urban mobility revolution. Based around core values of making independent travel both accessible and affordable, Super Soco offers a range of motorcycles and scooters capable of delivering environmentally friendly transport to all. Whether you’ve been looking at 50cc mopeds & 125cc motorbikes or passing the time waiting for buses & trains, these electric alternatives are ready to change the way you commute.

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"the future belongs to electric mobility"


Horwin have drawn upon industry experts from Germany, China and Austria to create the next generation of intelligent electric two-wheel mobility. They're attention to detail, technology and quality is clear from the moment you first see any of the Horwin line-up. Horwin are looking to the future of green personal transport with industry leading technology and design.


"Our motorcycles are lightweight, eco-friendly, fast and comfortable"


Founded in 2016, Artisan Electric set out with the mission to change the face of electric motorcycles and scooters with industry-leading innovation and product quality. Our models are a celebration of the best designs in history.

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"committed to environmentally friendly smart urban mobility"


NIU is a global brand in urban mobility that embraces technology, style and freedom. NIU currently designs manufactures and sells high performance smart electric scooters and has maintained a fast pace of growth with a sales accumulation of over 1 million smart electric two wheeler vehicles worldwide.

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"Silent and swift. This is pure high street stealth"


Sunra is an electric motorbike brand brought to the UK by MOTO Electric. Their range of practical scooters and quirky 'grom' style motorbikes join the electric revolution to make commuting easy, cost effective and environmentally friendly!


Showroom and Doorstep Demos

Bookable demos at either our HQ in Swindon or at a location convenient for you

Our demo service allows you to try your preference of electric motorbike before you buy. We can host you at our HQ in Swindon where we have a large area of private land for you to play and try out the bikes. You can also take them out for a road test around the local area with both urban and country riding close by.

We also offer a Doorstep Demo service that allows you to book a demo at a location and time that best suits you. Whether at home, or at work on your lunch break, we can bring two of our demo electric motorbikes to you saving you time and allowing you to try the bikes out where you'll actually use it!

Demo Days.png

Keep you motorbike shining and performing as it should

Our range of Muc-Off cleaning and detailing products will keep your motorbike looking and performing perfectly.

'We love the planet we ride on and are driven to protect it for futures riders! We’ve always believed in making our products as sustainable and kind to the planet as possible with an ongoing commitment to always improve. For 2020 and beyond we’ve created ‘Project Green’ a focus which will never be finished and commitment to deliver a multitude of improvements across our business. A simple focus to protect the playground we ride in.'

- Muc-Off -

OZEV Grant

Take advantage of the OZEV grant that allows you to purchase electric motorbikes with a government 20% contribution.


Power and licenses

There are lots of motorbike license classifications.... but what do you need? and what can you ride? Read all about it here.


Advantages of going ELECTRIC

There are many reasons for moving to an electric motorbike. Environment, low cost, low maintenance... need I go on? If you'd like me to, read it all here.


See what our customers have to say about their experience with J&M Electrobikes.

Super SOCO TC Max

"Excellent service. Friendly, informative, helpful & patient. Great service from 1st contact to bike delivery, which was even early. Thoroughly recommend."

- Shelley Whitehead -

Super SOCO TSx

"Matt's helpful and knowledgeable advice made purchasing a TSx so easy. The machine is just prefect for anyone getting into bikes - everyone who sees it says how cool they look. The ride is polished too. Delivery was spot on and bang on time. A great business with machines for the future. Recommend the top box to go with it."

- Douglas Weymouth -

Horwin EK3

"Having had Yamahas ,Hondas, and BMWs, I am really enjoying
this EK3. It does everything that I expected.
Matt was very helpful when I was looking for something
that would do what I wanted. speed and distance, well done."

- Alistair Hett -


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