Advantages of going electric

What can an electric vehicle offer over a conventional petrol or diesel powered vehicle?

Advantage No.1

Reduced maintenance

Exploded view of motor.JPG

With so few moving parts, routine maintenance is significantly reduced when compared to a conventional petrol motorbike. Beauty is in the simplicity!

Tyre, Brakes and a nut and bolt check is basically all that needs doing. And don't forget the reliability benefits of having less parts to go wrong!

Advantage No.2

"Re-fuel" while you sleep

Ever found yourself short of time to get to a petrol station before work? With a home charger, and a removable battery system you can re-fuel while you sleep or work! so no need for that last minute panic!

Removing battery.jpg

Advantage No.3

Reduced running costs

Wall charging.jpg

On average, an electric motorbike is only 1p per mile to run, couple that with the lesser maintenance costs (as shown in advantage No.2) and £0 tax and you could save a small fortune. And if you change under your desk at work, your saving would be even greater!

Advantage No.4

Renewable Sustainable Fuel

Use of green energy is something that is under more and more focus, but not all energy sources are currently what we would describe as "Green", including the obvious fossil fuels. In 2019 the UK started producing more energy from sustainable sources than from fossil fuels, and that trend has continued. So, if you use an electric vehicle, most of the electricity comes from sustainable sources like off-shore wind farms and solar farms, meaning you can further reduce your carbon footprint over time!

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